A lawyer by training and commercial director for years, Pilar Navarro's life took a turn 6 years ago, when she moved to France, without having any notion of French.

It is at this stage of change and internalization, that she recovers and rediscovers the techniques her mother taught her when she was little, such as sewing and crochet, and learns and falls in love in a self-taught way, of tatting technique.

Four years ago, Pilar began to use his know-how, in a completely original and creative way, by designing and manufacturing his own jewelry. She uses the different techniques and sublimates them with crystals and stones that she selects carefully, resulting in beautiful unique pieces.

Soon they received personalized orders, that's when the adventure begins as La Petite Crochetterie.

In 2020, Pilar is launching into social networks. Facebook and Instagram become her allies, she opens her online store, and the first success arrives. Several models of her earrings are selected for the well-known and successful Masterchef Season 8 television program, broadcast on TVE1. 

Presenter Smantha Vallejo Najera will wear the earrings from La Petite Crochetterie during a broadcast of the famous cooking competition. Photos of Samantha wearing the earrings and mentioning themt La Petite Crochetterie will appear in HOLA MODA magazine.  

At the end of 2020, she simplified the brand and became Pilar Navarro PARIS, specializing in the design and creation of handcrafted jewelry, especially tatting, with premium threads and stones.

A subtle assembly of colors, textures and different patterns linked to a meticulous work in weaving the thread.

Jewels that are aimed at elegant, subtle women with personality, that can be worn with a casual style or with a more formal outfit.